If we implement a results gathering system, is it better to implement Asprova before or after this?

Therefore, in cases where no system exists for gathering results data or accuracy of the data is low because the data is hand-written, we recommend implementing a results gathering system or upgrading the system at the same time as implementing Asprova.

You may also implement the results gathering system first and then consider the implementation of Asprova, but if you don’t have a high-precision scheduling system, you cannot benefit much from the gathered results. If the reason for inputting results data is not clear, the person in charge tends to forget to input the data or input wrong data. Ideally, it is preferable to carry out the implementation process for both systems in parallel and start operating the results data gathering system about two weeks before starting the test operation of Asprova. In this way, using the results data gathered in the two weeks, you can efficiently prepare master data and detect errors in collected results data by making Asprova re-calculate machine capacity values and creating a new schedule based on the recalculated capacity values.