Recommended means of gathering results data

1. Gathering results data as soon as possible
If results data can be gathered as soon as possible, operation start times and operation end times will be known automatically. (Times at which results data was actually entered can be used as operation start/end times.) On the other hand, if results data is input later, there will be more possibility that wrong operation start/end times are entered and accuracy of results data will be significantly lowered.

2. Minimizing the work of entering results data
If entering results data takes a lot of work, not only is the time of many workers wasted everyday but also input errors may often occur. Also, it may become a reason cited by workers when their cooperations cannot be fully obtained for new ways of system operations.

According to the above criteria, we recommend using the following ways of gathering results data:
1. If PCs are placed in each office for displaying work instructions, install a bar code reader in the PCs and input results data from the PCs when necessary.
2. If PCs are placed far from the shop floor, input results data using a handy terminal.

In the both cases, scan the following items by bar codes:
1. Operation code (Order code + process code・・2. Machine code
3. Worker code
4. Status (Started/Suspended/Resumed/Completed/Setup started, etc.・・

You can use the current time as the result time. Therefore, basically manual input is required only for result quantities. Note that depending on the machine, it is possible to obtain results data automatically from the machine.