Should results data be gathered from all processes?

Given that work instructions are not always issued for all processes as stated in the previous Q and A, results data does not always need to be gathered from all processes. Now, should results data be gathered from all processes for which work instructions were issued? Basically, yes. However, if you really want to reduce points from which to gather results data, you can do so if absence of results data will have little impact on rescheduling. For example, you can omit results data for a non-bottleneck process after a bottleneck process because the process can be merely performed and passed to the next process by the shop floor. If you omit results data for this type of situation, you can use Asprova’s “Result recursive flag” or “Results entry flag” so that Asprova will process omitted results as if the results is entered automatically. (For details of those features, please refer to the AsprovaAPS help file.)