About license and protector

The license information of Asprova and Asprova NLS/DS is recorded in the protector. There are two types of protector, a USB protector, which is a hardware key, and an e-Protector, which is a software key.
License update (application of magic number) is required when updating the Asprova maintenance contract or adding modules or options.
There is also a Backup Version protector for emergencies when the protector fails.
For details, please refer to the following.

How to update license How to use Backup Version protector
Asprova Please refer to the User information update (online help). Please refer to Backup Version protector (online help).
Asprova NLS/DS Please refer to “9. License update” in the Asprova NLS/DS manual. Please refer to “8.1 Backup Version protector” in the Asprova NLS / DS manual.