Automobile and Auto parts industry

Four problems of Automobile and Auto-parts industry

① Quality control … Operations which are not yet standardized sometimes cause defects
② Cost and Profits … Cost and profit per product should be visualized
③ Due dates … The gaps between forecasted orders and fixed orders are hard to be adjusted. Emergency orders and order changes are causes of anxiety.
④ Globalization … Close coordination with foreign factories is hard to maintain
Strict quality control, schedule management, and cost control are especially required in this industry.


Asprova’s high speed production schedulers which enable “visualization” of schedules have served our clients’ needs. The following is the introduction of Asprova’s solution.

The fields of Asprova users

Engine parts, doors, chassis, interior (plastic molding), metal molds, shock absorbers, vehicle inspections, pipes, tubes, engines, cranes, rubber, aircraft parts, test bodies, brake parts, high-pressure hose, seat fabrics, wire rope, transmissions,camshafts, crankshafts, cases, wire harnesses, motorcycles, bicycles, railway carriages, external parts for ships, anti-vibration equipment for vehicles, tires, movable anes…

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Case Studies

Auto parts- Auto Parts Manufacturer

Auto parts(pedal assemblies, pulleys, press parts for cabs…) – Shonan Unitec Corporation

Piping and tubing – Kihara Manufacturing Company

Suspensions and rear axle beams- F-tech, Inc

Tires – Federal Corporation (Taiwan)