High Tech

The characteristics and problems of High Tech companies

The products diversification, the shortening products’ lifecycles, and the volatile demand changes are quite
distinct in the high tech industry. Companies in this field are required to develop precise sales and production
predictions in order to minimize stock-outs and inventories by calculating MRP and schedules, forecasting the
demand based on the information from its market as well as from its sales forces and by demand forecasting
software. In actuality, however, the demands can never be calculated correctly because they are affected by
tastes and fashion of general street-level consumers, and the high tech companies have to manage the gap between forecast and the actual results. Depending on products, “Vertical startup”, in which new plant and equipment run full production volume in order to achieve their planned performance level immediately at the
start of production, and “Vertical shutdown” at the end of a product’s life are carried out. In this way, even bigger demand changes occur and affect material suppliers, and these suppliers must deal with the situation. This problem, or “bullwhip effect” is fierce even in the global market. Companies must manage the demand changes by minimizing inventories.


To deal with the fierce demand changes, inventory reduction by scheduling with finite capacity must be realized. Visualization of scheduling results and progress in each process is very important.

The fields of Asprova users

LEDs, connectors, solderless terminals, microprocessors, printed circuit boards, silicon wafers, air conditioner cases (plastic molding), speakers, ceramics, watches, semiconductors, lead frames, CD-ROMs, CD-R / DVD / CD-ROM drives, electric wire, LCDs, stereos, photo masks, WF cables, sockets, mobile phones, connectors for mobile-phones, IC packages, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, photoresist, TFT modules, piston rings, needles, piano wire, printer pins, automotive meters, photoelectric board, digital cameras, car navigation systems, refrigerators, light fixtures, sensors, signal controllers, solar-powered battery modules, vacuum fluorescent displays, batteries, multipolar connectors, power cables, mainframe computers, projection equipment, quartz transmission equipment, desktop PCs, carbon electrodes, projectors, printers, power boards. heating equipment controllers, solar cell wafers, medical electrical equipment, SD cards, portal media players, connectors, bar code readers, CCFL(Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps), IH Rice cookers, cooking accessories, Car navigation, Digital instruments, Wire parts …

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Case Studies

Car navigation-Tohoku TKR

CCFL(Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps)-Hitachi Electronic Devices

Digital Complex machine – Ricoh

Digital instruments-Yamaha Corporation

Factory Automation – Mitsubishi Electric Nagoya

IH Rice cookers, cooking accessories-Panasonic Home Appliances

Missile – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

OhmeWorks – Casio Micronics

Ventilation fans – Mitsubishi Electric

Wire parts,Plugs & connectors – New Nam Lee Electrical Co.,Ltd