Asprova Ver.12.0.4

■The response to GUI operation when handling large data was improved.

The program response was improved so that you can use Asprova tables, Resource Gantt charts, and other charts smoothly even when there is large amount of data.
・The time for opening tables was shortened. For example, with a project file that displays 1.6 million rows of orders in the order table, opening the table in standard style took 22.8 seconds on the previous version. This was reduced to 1.9 seconds in this latest version.
・Operations such as table sorting, column switching, column width optimization, and cell merging now work faster. For example, with a table containing 1 million rows, manually moving a column took 13 seconds on the previous version. This takes less than 1 second in this latest version.
・Zooming in and out of tables is now faster. For example, with an order table containing1.6 million rows, every zoom-out took 35 seconds to complete on the previous version. This was reduced to 1 second in this latest version.
・Zooming in and out of charts is now faster. For example, changing the zoom from 240% to 50% using the mouse wheel on a resource Gantt chart that 500 thousand operations are assigned to took 24 seconds, but this was reduced to 6 seconds.
・The drawing process when the bar is moved manually on the chart was modified so that the drawing is smoother than before.

■Start Asprova in current Language

Asprova supports many languages, and you can easily change the display language.
With the feature additions in this version, you can now start Asprova in the language that you were using previously. For example, if your OS language is Japanese, the display language when you start Asprova is Japanese. But, if you change it to English, the display language when you start Asprova next time will be English.
Asprova HELP
-> [Appendix]-[Language settings]-[Language changes] – HelpNo.:737830

■Integrated Master importing is now faster

Integrated Master importing is now faster.
The effect is more pronounced as the number of input instruction masters, use instruction masters, and output instruction masters increases. For example, importing the following Integrated Master took 3 hours and 30 minutes in the previous version, but this was reduced to 7 minutes in this version.
Input instruction master: 500,000 items, Integrated Master: 2.48 million rows

■Switching whether to update the sample result automatically or not in the expression dialog

Altering an expression in the expression dialog automatically updates the sample results.
However, in the case of large data or complicated expression, the updating sometimes takes a long time. Clearing the [Auto update] check box, which was added in this version, stops the sample result updating allowing you to edit the expression more smoothly. When you finish altering the expression, you can click [Update] to update the sample results.

Asprova HELP
-> [GUI]-[Dialogs]-[Expression dialog] – HelpNo.:737000

■Filter conditions can now be directly set in filter commands

Filter conditions can now be directly set in filter commands. Scheduling time can be reduced by filtering in several steps.
If you want to filter manufacturing orders of item A that are not pegged to receive orders, we could use && to combine conditions as in
ME.Item == ‘A’&&ME.’Order type’==’Manufacturing order’&&SumIF (ME.’Rightmost orders’,TARGET.’Order type’=’Sales order’,1)==0
and filter using a single order filter. But instead, we can separate conditions in the following manner and execute filtering in steps. As filtering with the item and order type is performed first, the number of evaluations of “ME.’Rightmost orders’” is reduced and this in turn reduces the processing time.

Asprova HELP
-> [Appendix]-[Reducing scheduling time] – HelpNo.:8990900

■Windows 10 is now supported

For details on the latest operating environment, see here.
Recommended Operating Environment
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-> [Operating Environment] – HelpNo.:2000