Ver.9.0.0 The performance of searching orders and operations on the Resource Gantt chart was improved.

The performance of searching orders and operations on the Resource Gantt chart (Resource Gantt Search) was improved. The effect is significant in cases where operations are stacked at the same time. In one example, the processing time of data with 60,000 operations was reduced to 1/8, as shown below.   Before speed improvement: 26 seconds   After speed improvement: 3 seconds Resource Gantt Search   Asprova Help -> [GUI]-[Dialog]-[Resource Gantt Search Dialog]

Ver.9.0.0 The processing speed for splitting operations is now faster.

The processing speed for splitting operations by the operation split size of items or the operation split size of operations (static splitting) is now faster. In one example, the processing time of data in which 180,000 operations are split into 700,000 operations was reduced to 1/8.   Before speed improvement: 43 minutes After speed improvement: 5 minutes Operation Split   Asprova Help -> [Logic]-[Operation Split]-[Operation Split]

Ver.9.0.0 COM interface was added

A COM interface for the pivot function was added.   ASGTableWindow::PivotRowLevel     Obtains the deepth of pivot rows.   ASGTableWindow::GetPivotRowValueAsStr     Obtains the level display string of the pivot row which contains specified cell (row and column are specified).   ASGTableWindow::PivotColLevel     Obtains the level of pivot column.   ASGTableWindow::GetPivotColValueAsStr     Obtains the level display string of the pivot column which contains specified cell (row and column are specified).   ASGTableWindow::PivotContentCount     Obtians the count of pivot content.   ASGTableWindow::GetPivotContentCellValueAsStr     Obtains the summary […]

xxxVer.9.0.0- Condition expression function& Enhanced event option function

The condition expression function added to ver.9, can deal with separated shift and straddle days, specify intermit time, etc. split jobs dynamically. For example, 2-shift and 3-shift workers that work synchronously with facilities, you need to assign workers to take over following their shift patterns. Enhanced event option function:Make plan for workers that do cleaning or maintenance Such as cumulative production volume or production time, can be assigned to work with automatic […]

xxxVer.9.0.0- Asprova Pivot function

The pivot feature such as: ・Aggregate the quantities for each item and order based on due date   ・Display scheduling results to PSI table, show supply and demand by day or week bucket.   ・Aggregate each material batch charging date and quantities based on facilities You can aggregate by row or column and display the results with pivot function. The aggregate period also can be specified, it is very flexible. As an application example […]

Ver.8.0.0 Dispatching view – new window type

Useful for confirming and re-arranging the ordering of tasks, including changing of staff/resources for the task. The dispatching view shows the order in which tasks will be carried out for each resource, allowing for easy confirmation of the jobs for today, this week, etc.Operations can be moved by dragging with the mouse to change their dispatching order or resource.The dispatching view is likely to be convenient for those who are used to […]

Ver.8.0.0 Setup bars can be displayed in the same way as their production task bars

The display of setup and teardown bars on the resource gantt chart can be changed so that the bars appear the same as the production bar. The two properties: Setup time display method and Teardown time display method have been added to the resource gantt chart. These are expression properties, allowing for greater control. For example, displaying setup bars on the main resource as normal, and setup bars on subresouces the same […]

Ver7.1.0 Detailed master use instruction data shown in message window

From version 7.1.0 on, in addition to instruction code and resource code, setup, production and teardown time of master use instructions are also displayed in the message window output. When message is double-clicked, Asprova jumps to integrated master editor to show the corresponding master use instruction. When reviewing the scheduling results, the following cases become useful: – it is not just instruction code or resource code, but setup, production, and teardown time […]

Ver7.1.0 Property display and description can be freely customized

In cases where: – products are differentiated by length, height, weight, etc. – there are many optional parts or differing methods of production there are usually a large number of properties to be set for these characteristics. From version 7.1.0 on, the display of properties (colors, description fields, naming) can be freely customized for easier viewing. View a short explanatory video here! User is able to specify own descriptions to make the […]

Ver7.0.2 COM interface extension (NLS user name)

Notes for upgrading to version 7.0.0 COM interface was extended with following functions. ASGWorkSpace::UserName Obtains the username used duing the login to Asprova NLS. <<code example>> Obtains the username and shows it in the message window. Dim asWS As AsLib.ASGWorkspace Dim asmsg As AsLib.ASOMessage Dim asProj As AsLib.ASBProject Set asProj = args.ArgAsObject(kArgProject) Set asmsg = asProj.RootMessage Set asWS = args.ArgAsObject(kArgWorkspace) asmsg.AddMsg kSystemInfo, “Login username: ” & asWS.UserName asProj.BroadcastChanges