Ver7.0.0 Assignment and assignment cancellation speed increased

Notes for upgrading to version 7.0.0 Assignment and assignment cancellation speed increased. The verification results show that the assignment speed is now 1 to 20 times faster (depends on data). When assigning forward a great number of use instuctions, the increase in Asprova’s performance is tremendous. Customers using data with a large number of operations benefit greatly from this assignment speed increase.

Ver6.3.1 Possibility to set the column width for holidays on Gantt chart

It is now possible to set holidays using new holiday table and change the column width of holidays using ‘Holiday width ratio’ parameter. Watch a short instructive video here! Now the holidays of a production plant can be freely set in new holiday table, and to make Gantt chart look good, how these days are displayed on the chart can be controlled through Holiday width ratio property. It is possible to export […]

Ver6.3.0 Pegged Order Gantt Chart (Product Number Order Gantt Chart)

Pegged order Gantt chart displays the orders and the pegging conditions between them in an easily understandable chart form. View a short explanatory video here! With “Drilldown leftmost orders” style, the pegging relationships between intermediate item, raw material and manufacturing orders are showed using the main bar of pegged orders bar. The bar makes it easy to check the overall lead time of the pegged orders. When clicked, the main bar expands […]

Ver6.2.1 Use instruction bar and task bar can be resized on Gantt chart

On resource rows of a Gantt chart, the use-time of a use instruction or task bar (setup, production or teardown) can be changed with the mouse. When bar is selected by clicking with the left mouse button, an orange point will be appear on each end of the bar. Dragging this point with the mouse, the length of the bar can be changed. This feature can be used to – remove a […]