Ver.12.0.4 Integrated Master importing is now faster

Integrated Master importing is now faster. The effect is more pronounced as the number of input instruction masters, use instruction masters, and output instruction masters increases. For example, importing the following Integrated Master took 3 hours and 30 minutes in the previous version, but this was reduced to 7 minutes in this version. Input instruction master: 500,000 items, Integrated Master: 2.48 million rows

Ver.12.0.4 Switching whether to update the sample result automatically or not in the expression dialog

Altering an expression in the expression dialog automatically updates the sample results. However, in the case of large data or complicated expression, the updating sometimes takes a long time. Clearing the [Auto update] check box, which was added in this version, stops the sample result updating allowing you to edit the expression more smoothly. When you finish altering the expression, you can click [Update] to update the sample results. Asprova HELP -> […]

Ver.12.0.4 Filter conditions can now be directly set in filter commands

Filter conditions can now be directly set in filter commands. Scheduling time can be reduced by filtering in several steps. If you want to filter manufacturing orders of item A that are not pegged to receive orders, we could use && to combine conditions as in ME.Item == ‘A’&&ME.’Order type’==’Manufacturing order’&&SumIF (ME.’Rightmost orders’,TARGET.’Order type’=’Sales order’,1)==0 and filter using a single order filter. But instead, we can separate conditions in the following manner […]

Ver.12.0.4 Windows 10 is now supported

For details on the latest operating environment, see here. Recommended Operating Environment Asprova HELP -> -> [Operating Environment] – HelpNo.:2000

Ver.12.0.3 Improved message window Error locations are now easier to find

When the scheduling parameters are executed, messages are output in the same hierarchical structure as the scheduling parameters. Moreover, if errors, such as improper assignment within the schedule period, occur when the scheduling parameters are executed, the number of errors and the number of warnings are added in text form to the messages issued while the scheduling parameters are executed, and if the number of errors is 1 or more, “Level” changes […]

Ver.12.0.3 Support of phantom items

Phantom items are now supported. Phantom items are not scheduled themselves. Instead, scheduling is done by replacing the phantom item with its component items. In the following example, item PhantomPartsA is the phantom item, and PartsA1, PartsA2, and PartsA3 are the parts that make up the phantom item. Parts such as set parts can easily be set and changed in the Integrated Master. Moreover, synchronization with ERPs that support Phantom items is […]

Ver.12.0.2 A filter function was added to the Column settings dialog of tables. You can now easily find properties that you want to adjust.

The Column settings dialog used to show and hide properties, change the display order and so on, lists all the properties of the selected object. This sometimes made it difficult to find the properties you needed. You can now filter the list to easily find properties. For example, after showing the Column settings dialog of the order table, enter "Qty" in the Filter text box to find only the properties that include […]

Ver.12.0.2 Properties can now be searched for in tables. You can quickly find the property column that you want to check the data of.

It is now possible to search for properties in Find dialog. You can quickly find the properties that you want to check the settings of. You can search for properties that include the specified text. When a relevant column is found, it will be selected. This is extremely convenient as you can directly search the selected property for values. Asprova HELP -> -> [GUI]-[Dialogs]-[Find dialog] – HelpNo.:737100

Ver.12.0.2 When entering expressions, IntelliSense is now filtered. You can quickly find the property that you want to enter.

When an expression is being entered in the expression dialog, IntelliSense is now filtered by using the entered text. When there were many properties, searching through the IntelliSense list was difficult, but with filtering, it is much easier. Filtering is performed by partial matching, so even if you don’t know the exact name, there is a better chance of finding the property you need. Asprova HELP -> -> [GUI]-[Dialogs]-[Expression dialog] – […]

Ver.12.0.2 Operations assigned outside the chart display period can now be viewed quickly.

Depending on the master object or order settings, operations are sometimes assigned outside the display period. You can now click the scroll buttons of the chart to extend the display period making it easier to view such operations. Asprova Help -> -> [GUI]-[Table Time Chart Windows]-[Shared Operations]-[Table time chart basic operations] – HelpNo.:667000