New Feature

September 1, 2016: Ver.13.0.1 Improved GUI
September 1, 2016: Ver.13.0.1 Demarcation day of the week and demarcation day of the month
September 1, 2016: Ver.13.0.1 Use day of month in date expression properties
September 1, 2016: Ver.13.0.1 Set applicable shifts to resources
September 1, 2016: Ver.13.0.1 Improved expression dialog
September 1, 2016: Ver.13.0.1 Multi-display support
September 1, 2016: Ver.13.0.1 Object browser that graphically displays object connections such as consecutive operations, orders and operations, masters, and the like
September 1, 2016: Ver.13.0.1 Group assign option for realizing constraints during simultaneous processing
September 1, 2016: Ver.13.0.1 Multi-user simultaneous schedule editing function
February 29, 2016: Ver.12.0.4 The response to GUI operation when handling large data was improved
February 29, 2016: Ver.12.0.4 Start Asprova in current Language
February 29, 2016: Ver.12.0.4 Integrated Master importing is now faster
February 29, 2016: Ver.12.0.4 Switching whether to update the sample result automatically or not in the expression dialog
February 29, 2016: Ver.12.0.4 Filter conditions can now be directly set in filter commands
February 29, 2016: Ver.12.0.4 Windows 10 is now supported
September 7, 2015: Ver.12.0.3 Improved message window Error locations are now easier to find
September 7, 2015: Ver.12.0.3 Support of phantom items
March 30, 2015: Ver.12.0.2 A filter function was added to the Column settings dialog of tables. You can now easily find properties that you want to adjust.
March 30, 2015: Ver.12.0.2 Properties can now be searched for in tables. You can quickly find the property column that you want to check the data of.
March 30, 2015: Ver.12.0.2 When entering expressions, IntelliSense is now filtered. You can quickly find the property that you want to enter.
March 30, 2015: Ver.12.0.2 Operations assigned outside the chart display period can now be viewed quickly.
February 2, 2015: Ver.12.0.1 The display language of menus and the like can now be obtained at any time from the Asprova's download server.
February 2, 2015: Ver.12.0.1 Calendar dialog
February 2, 2015: Ver.12.0.1 When the entire label text cannot be viewed, you can now move the cursor over the label to display the entire text in a data tip.
February 2, 2015: Ver12.0.1 You can easily view the resource quantity status on the Resource Gantt chart.
February 2, 2015: Ver.12.0.1 MinValue, MaxValue, MinObject, MaxObject, MinObjectIF, and MaxObjectIF were added to the internal functions.
February 2, 2015: Ver.12.0.1 When scheduling parameters and styles are exported to XML, user registered expressions of dispatching key and sort key are now also exported.
February 2, 2015: Ver.12.0.1 When a row that has been drilled down on a table is closed from the popup menu and the selected row is not expanded, the parent row is closed.
February 2, 2015: Ver.12.0.1 It is now possible to specify whether input instructions are pegged to output instructions in future lot sizing period.
February 2, 2015: Ver.12.0.1 The response to the following is faster for when the amount of data exceeds 100 thousand operations.
February 2, 2015: Ver.12.0.1 Multiple Asprova.exe processes can now be started in parallel using the ASFApplication COM interface from an automation client.
February 2, 2015: Ver.12.0.1 Windows Server 2012 R2 is now supported.
August 4, 2014: Ver.12.0.0 Labels can now be attached to charts.
August 4, 2014: Ver.12.0.0 The execution speed of the second and later commands is now faster.
August 4, 2014: Ver.12.0.0 COM interfaces were added over 500.
June 16, 2014: Ver.11.0.2 Windows 8.1 is now supported.
June 16, 2014: Ver.11.0.2 The registered names of expressions are shown in the cells making it easier to understand the settings.
June 16, 2014: Ver.11.0.2 Merged cell has many lines or it overflows from the screen, such as a result of scrolling, the value is now constantly displayed in the upper left of the cell.
June 16, 2014: Ver.11.0.2 Master input instruction expression, Master use instruction expression, and Master output instruction expression were added to the Modify properties command.
June 16, 2014: Ver.11.0.2 You can scroll charts by dragging the mouse while holding down the wheel button.
June 16, 2014: Ver.11.0.2 When a chart is opened from the "Jump" menu, the unit time is automatically adjusted according to the lead time of the item to be displayed.
June 16, 2014: Ver.11.0.2 Default values are now applied to Time constraint method, Time constraint MIN, and Time constraint MAX of Master use instructions on the Integrated Master table.
October 15, 2013: Ver.11.0.1 When received update notification from Asprova DS, it can be synchronized automatically.
October 15, 2013: Ver.11.0.1 Silent mode
October 15, 2013: Ver.11.0.1 It is now possible to log in without entering information in the Asprova DS login dialog box.
June 10, 2013: Ver.11.0.0 "Resource split size UNIT" of the resource class is now enabled when the "Split condition expression" of the resource class is specified.
June 10, 2013: Ver.11.0.0 The security of the password for using Asprova NLS was improved.
June 10, 2013: Ver.11.0.0 The display colors of various charts, tables, and the like shown on the Asprova screen can now be changed and saved with palette names.
June 25, 2012: Ver10.0.0 On the 64-bit version of Asprova, the following commands were extended to support multithreading.
June 25, 2012: Ver.10.0.0 A delete object command was added to scheduling commands.
June 25, 2012: Ver.10.0.0 On the Asprova DS or NLS, it is now possible to activate licenses with electronic files in place of protectors for USB or printer ports.
June 25, 2012: Ver10.0.0 Integrated Master importing is now faster.
June 25, 2012: Ver.10.0.0 COM methods for uploading and downloading have been added to Asprova DS.
June 25, 2012: Ver.9.0.4 A new symbol, !=, was added in the changeover settings, such as Item setup, Resource setup, and Spec setup.
July 19, 2011: Ver.9.0.1 Resource lock can now be specified in Master use instructions of the Integrated Master.
July 19, 2011: Ver.9.0.1 Incode functions were added.
July 19, 2011: Ver.9.0.1 data I/O feature was improved.
June 13, 2011: Ver.9.0.0 The pivot function is used to aggregate values by specifying properties of interest in rows and columns.
June 13, 2011: Ver.9.0.0 The event option function was enhanced.
June 13, 2011: Ver.9.0.0 The "Split condition expression" property was added to Resource.
June 13, 2011: Ver.9.0.0 Chart and table display settings and custom menus can now be imported and exported to text files in XML format.
June 13, 2011: Ver.9.0.0 In the expression dialog box, all properties that can be used are now displayed with long names.
June 13, 2011: Ver.9.0.0 The performance of searching orders and operations on the Resource Gantt chart was improved.
June 13, 2011: Ver.9.0.0 The processing speed for splitting operations is now faster.
June 13, 2011: Ver.9.0.0 COM interface was added
August 1, 2010: Ver.8.0.0 Dispatching view - new window type
August 1, 2010: Ver.8.0.0 Setup bars can be displayed in the same way as their production task bars
September 14, 2009: Ver7.1.0 Detailed master use instruction data shown in message window
September 14, 2009: Ver7.1.0 Property display and description can be freely customized
July 30, 2009: Ver7.0.2 COM interface extension (NLS user name)
July 30, 2009: Ver7.0.2 COM interface extension (reschedule using a given parameter name)
July 30, 2009: Ver 7.0.2 COM interface extension (scheduling parameter XML import/export)
July 30, 2009: Ver7.0.0 Assignment and assignment cancellation speed increased
July 30, 2009: Ver6.3.1 Possibility to set the column width for holidays on Gantt chart
July 30, 2009: Ver6.3.0 Pegged Order Gantt Chart (Product Number Order Gantt Chart)
July 30, 2009: Ver6.2.1 Use instruction bar and task bar can be resized on Gantt chart
March 5, 2009: Ver6.1.1 "Graphical Master View", an easy to use master data editor